TrackMaster TMX428 Stress Treadmil



Displays incline, speed, time, distance, total calories, calories per minute,
pace, heart rate, target heart rate and METS.

Energy is calculated based on gender and user weight. Target heart rate is calculated based on user's gender and age.


Large LCD display
Manual or Programmable Modes
Heavy duty treadmill
Running surface 22″ x 63″

User capacity 500 lbs
Zero start, 0.5-12 MPH (0.8-19 KPH)
Elevation range 0-25%
Self aligning with adjustable front and rear roller
Self calibrating
Front rail included
Emergency Stop button (left or right side)
Emergency Wrist Tether (opposite of stop button)
Electrical: 220V
In Programmable Mode: 5 pre-programmed protocols,
five fitness workouts and five custom workouts with up to
10 programmable stages