Soterix 1×1 CT



The only true double-blind, fully programmable, integrated system for transcranial electrical stimulation clinical trials.

The Soterix transcranial Direct Current Stimulator Clinical Trials (1×1-CT) system is the most advanced and customizable stimulation for true double-blind control trials. Each 1×1-CT unit is shipped configured to a specific trial or set of trials, including custom accessories, and relevant features to ensure the highest standards of reproducibility and safety, all without breaking subject’s or operator’s blind.

In addition, you can count on Soterix Medical biomedical engineers and scientists to provide continuous design and trial support.


  • Customizable stimulation for true clinician and patient blinded studies for unbiased results
  •  Continuous indication of quality without compromi- sing blind
  • Automatic ramp-down if contact quality is atypical
  • Custom duration, intensity and condition settings