Pyramis ECG Data Management Software



The growing popularity of ECG data management systems is a direct result of a common hospital objective — the goal of moving away from the time-consuming and costly handling of paper records.

In a related efficiency drive, cardiology departments are looking for ways to streamline their workflow, and provide instant access to records, and are increasingly exploring ECG data management systems.

The Pyramis data management systems take full advantage of the newer database and application technologies, making them one of the most modern in the market.


  • Technicians love Pyramis because it saves time and eliminates errors. You can download patient demographics and orders, connect with most manufacturers’ devices and upload results, and generate reports – all from a wireless cart. You can use a patient’s enterprise identification number for multi-facility sites.
  • Uses open architecture to meet your needs – so there’s no reason to invest in custom software or hardware
  • Administrative team members appreciate Pyramis because it electronically captures and transmits charges.
  • Doctors maximize their time because Pyramis is web-based. The doctors can access 12-lead ECGs, stress, and Holter tests within seconds, editing interpretations at the hospital, office, or home.
  • Pyramis is easy to use. It streamlines daily workflow and provides test results when and where they’re needed.
  • A clinical application specialist customizes the application for you, and reports are configurable.
  • The multi-modality feature supports your preferred ECG (not all data management systems can), and our stress and Holter devices. When paired with most Quinton and Burdick devices, you can enjoy bi-directional communication.
  • The Pyramis implementation team and clinical application specialists are genuinely open and supportive. And for later service and support, our customers can pick up the phone at any time and talk with someone right away.