Neonatal/Pediatric MRI Head coil



The Neonate Head Coil is a work-horse for premature neonate and term newborn brain MRI.

The efficient transmit-receive design is ideal to maintain SAR values below IEC and FDA guidelines.

Routine T1, T2 including advanced MRI sequences such as DTI and volumetric acquisitions are possible.

Optimized volumetric design offers enhanced image quality (SNR, uniformity) over the newborn brain.

The Neonate Head Coil offers superior transmit-receive RF uniformity highly suitable for spectroscopy. However it is not compatible with parallel imaging.



The Neonate Head Coil is intended to cover the infant brain.

Age Group

95th percentile 0-1 month old

MRI Safety

This device is MR Safe


AAMI/IEC 60601, CSA 22.2, FDA 510(k), Health Canada Licensed, CE