Medisoft Body Plethysmograph



Medisoft's BodyBox offers complete body plethysmograph solutions with accurate spirometry and lung volume measurements for children and adults. All measurements in the BodyBox are controlled by the powerful Expair software.

Including Forced Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Minute Tidal Ventilation. Includes lung provocation testing software.  Static Lung Volumes: With the standard and accurate Thoracic Gas Volume testing, the BodyBox measures FRCpleth, VC, IC, ERV, RV and TLC. After the test, review and analysis of the tangents is easy with user-selected methods including automatic or manual adjustments.


Airways Resistance Testing: RAW and SGAW
Fast and easy airways resistance measurements is standard with the Medisoft BodyBox.

DLCO options including traditional and fast gas open circuit methods.
Respiratory Mechanics Testing: MIP-MEP and SNIP.
Powerful reference (predicted values) + report editors included