MCF-B70 Butterfly Coil


PRODUCT #MV9016E0582

Electrical and magnetic properties similar to the MC-B70. Designed for demanding stimulation protocols requiring a high number of stimuli without the need for external cooling.

Designed with a slightly bend surface for best possible skull contact. Large ergonomic handle and equipped with trigger button to support clinical operation.


  • Weight of transducer head: 2.5 kg
  • Cable length: 1.3 m
  • Angle: 150°

Dimensions of transducer head:

  • 180 x 116 x 46/64 mm


Coil Winding Data:

  • Inner diameter 23 mm
  • Outer diameter 96 mm
  • Winding height 12 mm
  • Number of windings 2 x 11


Magnetic and Electrical Properties:

  • Max initial dB/dt 28 kT/s near the coil surface.
  • Active pulse width 280µs (Biphasic)



  • Number of stimulations, before warm-up at ambient temperature 20°C: Mean output 75% of maximum at 1pps. 5500 pulses.



  • 60 trains @ 50 pulses/train @ 10pps @ Inter Train Interval: 25s @ Output=75% @ total number of stimulations 3000.
  • One protocol can be performed without overheating the coil. Minimum cooling time between protocols: 2.5 hours at 20°C or 1 hour at 7°C