HEM-907XL – Professional Blood Pressure Monitor



The HEM-907XL is the most recent advance from Omron Healthcare, Inc. in digital, non-invasive blood pressure monitors.

Engineered for accuracy, precision and clinical effectiveness, the HEM-907XL is mobile, easy-to-use, time-saving and versatile.


  • Developed for professional use in a clinical setting, inc luding a physician's office, hospital, or other point-of-care environment.
  • Automatic inflation level setting with IntelliSense allows for automatic cuff inflation, eliminating any need to preset inflation levels.
  • Average Mode measures up to three readings and averages the total for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Large, easy-to-read display for more ergonomic use.
  • Dual environment modes: Automatic Oscillometric & Manual Auscultation.
  • Sophisticated cuff pressure control for manual auscultatory measurement.
  • Quiet Operation eliminates unnecessary patient anxiety and clinical noise.
  • One-button operation for quick and easy Mercury Free measurements.
  • The rechargeable battery pack (included) makes this unit truly mobile.
  • Includes four cuff sizes for arm circumference range of 17-50 cm (7-20″).
  • Set includes: Extra Large Cuff/Bladder Set (42-50 cm arm circumference), Large Cuff/Bladder Set (32-42 cm arm circumference), Medium Cuff/Bladder Set (22-32 cm), Small Cuff/Bladder Set (17-22 cm), Air Tube (1.0 m length)
  • 5 years warranty by manufacturer.