Digital Neonatal Scale


PRODUCT #RL610-10-2

Healthweigh™ Neonatal scale is designed with advanced technology for precision weighing of newborn and growing babies.

The scale is equipped with movement compensation technology, essential to eliminate involuntary movement caused by baby. Designed for multifunctional tasking, the scale tray has a built-in measuring tape to measure and weigh baby at the same time. Lift-offand removable tray for easy cleaning, the tray comes in three options:

  • H611-00-1 opaque white plastic
  • H611-00-2 two side crystal clear plastic
  • H611-00-4 four side crystal clear plastic

Optional for user convenience is a 12 drawer durable plastic trolley on roller wheels, custom designed for the Healthweigh™ Neonatal scale.


  • Advanced technology for high precision measurement
  • Lb and Kg
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • 1” LCD display
  • Reweigh function
  • Low-battery alert
  • Removable tray with
  • Built-in measuring tape
  • Movement Compensation