Cool-B65 Butterfly Coil


PRODUCT #MV9016E0491

Designed for demanding stimulation protocols requiring a very high number of stimuli. Optimized for high repetition rates and long pulse trains. Cooled from an external Cooler Unit. Equipped with trigger button to support clinical operation. Built in EPV timer and counter (5 years or 18 million EPV, whichever comes first).

  • Diameter: 2 x 75mm
  • Pulses before warmup: >20.000
  • Trigger button
  • Cooled dynamically with external coil cooler unit
  • Compatible with R30, R100 & X100


  • Weight of transducer head 1,7kg
  • Cable length 1,3m
  • Dimensions of transducer head 174 x 94 x 41 mm

Coil Winding Data:

  • Inner diameter 35mm
  • Outer diameter 75mm
  • Winding height 12mm
  • Number of windings 2x (2 x 5)


Magnetic and Electrical Properties:

  • Max initial dB/dt 36 kT/s near the coil surface.
  • Active pulse width 280µs (Biphasic)



  • Number of stimulations, before warm-up at ambient temperature 20°C: Mean output 75% of maximum at 2pps. >20.000 pulses
  • Number of stimulations, before warm-up at ambient temperature 20°C with protocol: 60 trains @ 50 pulses/train @ 10pps @ Inter Train Interval: 25s @ Output=75%. >10.000 pulses