Cadwell Arc Zenith



High channel count EEG with cortical stimulation, the Zenith provides EMU solutions designed to simplify operational workflow, reduce the risk of errors, reduce setup and surgical time.


Intelligent design

  • Patented Zenect™ magnetic smart electrode connectors
  • Record up to 144 channels
  • 1 MGz sampling with storage up to 8kHz
  • Select any input as ground on an amplifier and select any other input as the recording refrerence
  • Fully integrated cortical stimulator
  • Rugged, drop-tested and water-resistant

Simplified setup

  • Select and place electrode layout with graphical interface
  • Auto-generate montages from your electrode sets
  • Automate your recording input layout with automated input mapping (patent pending)
  • Zenect™ magnetic smart connectors auto-identify electrodes from Arc software (patented).