Cadwell Arc Apollo



Ambulatory EEG for long term monitoring, epilepsy monitoring, intensive care, at-home EEG with video, and remote monitoring. Everything you need for EEG in one small powerful package.

Arc Apollo EEG system is a compact 1 pound, 3 ounce, rugged amplifier and ambulatory recorder that can capture over three days of data without patient or provider intervention. Patients can move freely with continuous data acquisition. The Apollo offers programmable patient event buttons, a microphone for synchronized voice events, and rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Options for EEG Systems

  • Q-Video Mobile 3 with HD video and auto-switching infrared
  • USB Photic Stimulator
  • Wear in harness, backpack and head mount
  • Mount on cart, IV pole or hospital room wall
  • IP camera switching'

With Apollo, EEG is seamless and simple.