Cadwell Arc Essentia 1 for Routine EEG



Arc EEG is designed for quality performance in clinical practice and cerebral monitoring in the ICU, EMU and outpatient clinics.  The Arc features a completely new and simple platform, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator.

The unique hardware design of Arc Essentia® ensures high quality EEG signals, even in noisy environments. Its rugged and water-resistant design will withstand the use and abuse of real-life clinical practice.

Arc Essentia offers two models of 32-channel EEG amplifiers with seven active and reference pairs to cover your needs:
The E1 for Routine EEG offers 250 and 500 Hz storage rates, streaming data, copy record with viewer and a robust CadReports tool. Patient setup is simple, and the intuitive software requires minimal training.

The E3 for ICU with Continuous Impedance Checking and a USB SpO2 monitor.

Arc Essentia – Your partner in making timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions.