AquaGuard Glove



The AquaGuard Glove® was designed with the assistance of clinicians in hospitals to protect IV, surgical and wound sites when patients shower.

The waterproof dressing provides a safe waterproof barrier when patients shower and is simple to apply and remove with no assistance needed, allowing for patient independence while showering.

The AquaGuard Glove contains no adhesive and doesn’t require uncomfortable rigid straps. Instead, the easy-to-use Water-Seal Band® is used to create a waterproof seal with a simple auto-locking buckle. The Water-Seal Band allows the patient to freely use their arm as they normally would and keep their site dry while they shower.

The AquaGuard Glove is 34 inches tall and is large enough to protect most sites on the patient’s hand or arm from becoming wet while showering. The Glove is ideal for keeping your PICC line, peripheral IV site, hand or arm surgery site, wound or cast dry.