1×1 miniCT Soterix


PRODUCT #1x1 miniCT

The Soterix Medical mini-CT captures the features of the clinical trial standard 1×1-CT in a deployable platform.

Supervised neuromodulation guarantees over site at the start and completion of every session, ensured by unique mini-CT features. Two models, the 1×1 tDCS mini-CT and the 1×1 tES mini-CT, provide unmatched controlled and reliability in conducting tDCS or tES trials in deployed environments without compromising dose precision and safety.


  • Customizable stimulation for true clinician and patient blinded studies
  • History stored/analyzed for compliance
  • Continuous indication of quality without compromising blind
  • Automatic ramp-down if contact quality is atypical
  • Custom duration, intensity and condition settings