16-Channel Siemens Flex Coil



16-Channel Flex Coils Suite for Siemens. A lightweight, formable and versatile 16 channel flex coil for Siemens MAGNETOM.

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Espree compatible.
Compatible with Spine Matrix coil.
Indications for upper and lower extremities, chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine.

This system consists of:
• Two formable, flexible antennae of different size that can be wrapped
or orientated flat, in order to accommodate different anatomic shapes and sizes.

• Optional accessories designed for patient comfort and
reduced motion artifacts.

Technical Features:
Each coil features 16 elements with integrated lownoise
preamplifier optimized to provide deep
penetration SNR that is as good as or better than
comparable rigid coils. An integrated strap allows each
coil to wrap around regular or irregular anatomy,
providing form-fitting comfort and immobilization. The
coils can also lie flat. Depending orientation, parallel
imaging acceleration factors of 2 or higher are

Array Specifications:

Large 16-Channel Flex Coil (1,5T)
Coverage:23 cm (width) x 70 cm (lenght)
Wrap Diameter*15,5 cm – 21,5 cm
Small 16-Channel Flex Coil (1,5T)
Coverage: 23 cm (width) x 48 cm (length)
Wrap Diameter*: 11,5 cm – 15,5 cm
*Each array may be overlapped for smaller FOV; likewise

array does not need to wrap completely.

System Requirements:
Compatible with Siemens 18 or 32 channel 1.5T
Espree MRI scanners with VB19A SH2 software or

16-Channel Siemens Flex Package includes:
• 1.5T 16-Channel Flex Coil, Large
• 1.5T 16-Channel Flex Coil, Small
• Small Flex Coil Pad Kit
• Knee stabilizer