• Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System



    Through innovative technologies and a smart design, Q-Stress solves common challenges associated with the successful acquisition and interpretation of cardiac stress testing exams. Q-Stress delivers an innovative and meaningful approach to support today's stress testing demands.

    A few of its most notable features include an impressive 24-inch touchscreen interface with protocol-driven, pre-defined selections, 12-lead ECG interpretation for adults, adolescents, and children and standards-based HL7 and DICOM bidirectional connectivity for optimized interoperability. With a legacy of excellence, Q-Stress delivers all of this and more in a smart, user and patient-focused solution.


    • A unique approach to clinical data. Q-Stress is designed to provide comprehensive clinical information to meet the ever-changing demands of today's diverse patient population.
    • A solution-driven design to enhance clinical workflow. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the powerful user interface, paired with our 24-inch color touchscreen display, works with you as you care for your patients.
    • A connectivity option that’s right for you. From simple connectivity to complete interoperability, Q-Stress offers a variety of integration solutions.
    • Mortara’s proven VERITAS™ technology offers exceptional accuracy in real-time ST-segment monitoring, arrhythmia detection and resting ECG interpretation, delivering critical data through each stage of the stress test.
    • To minimize ECG signal artifact, Q-Stress includes our Source Consistency Filter (SCF).  Specifically designed to remove noise while maintaining ECG integrity, SCF accomplishes this without distorting the waveform, a critical factor in accurate clinical assessment.
    • Comprehensive, real–time full disclosure allows clinicians to examine historical ECG data at any point throughout the exam. Users can easily label, store, print, and review significant events on the fly, plus include them in the final report.
    • Our Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM™) eliminates direct connection to the system which reduces obstacles for clinical personnel maneuvering about the stress lab. WAM benefits the patient as well by reducing cable-related artifact and simplifying movement between test devices.

    Can be used in combination with the TM55 or the TMX428 treadmills.

  • SunTech Tango M2 automatic NIBP Monitor


    PRODUCT #QT9922-017-50RX

    The Tango M2 Stress Test Monitor gives you the confidence to know that patient movement, mechanical vibration and observer variability won’t interfere with an accurate reading. Your focus can be where it matters most – on your patient.

    Whether performing a test using a treadmill, ergometer, or pharmacological stress testing, the Tango M2 reliably monitors blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient. The Tango M2 was specifically designed to overcome noise, motion and physical difficulties associated with cardiac stress and exercise testing. You can even pair it with a hands-free interface and add the SpO2 measurement option to make the Tango M2 a seamless cardiac testing center.

    During stress testing, reliability and accuracy go hand-in-hand. Recording an accurate and reliable BP measurement at the correct intervals during a test can be difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab technicians. That’s why the Tango M2 can be programmed to take an accurate reading at the proper time and initiate readings at the precise moment during each stage, increasing reliability of the measurements. Designed to be used with our Orbit-K Cuff , the Tango M2 utilizes our proprietary DKA algorithm, which provides exceptional performance in the difficult environment of the stress lab.


    • Automated Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring
    • SpO2 (optional)
    • Allows BP monitoring during patient preparation and recovery
    • Seamless Integration: Automated communication with your stress system reduces the risk of transcription errors.
    • Non-Exercise BP Mode: Allows BP measurement during patient set-up and recovery without an ECG signal.
    • Stat Mode: Rapidly repeated automatic BP measurements for time sensitive and emergent situations.
    • Color LCD: Improved usability with a new 7″ color LCD display.
    • Verified Measurements: See & hear the Korotkoff sounds using the onscreen display and the included headphones.
    • Data Retrieval: Easier troubleshooting with 300 BP reading history and USB capabilities for measurement retrieval.
    • Field Upgrades: USB port allows for field upgrades, making sure end-users always have the current software.