• Cardiac Event Monitors 1-ch. ER920AF w/autom. fibrillation



    • Asymptomatic Event Recorder (Atrial Fibrillation, Brady Arrhythmia, Tachy Arrhythmia and Cardiac Pause)
    • Fully customizable
    • 1 or 2 channels
    • Large Single Button Operation for recording & transmission
    • Large LCD display to confirm operation/battery life/events remaining
    • 30 minute looping memory
    • 30 day battery life with Two AAA Batteries
    • Pacemaker detection
    • Lead loss detection

  • Spacelabs VS20 Event recorder



    The CardioCall VS20 can be used as a “loop” recorder, using chest electrodes, or as an event unit.

    It features 20 minutes of programmable memory and runs on a single AA battery. The ECG may be sent trans-telephonically to a receiving station or downloaded directly onto your PC.

    The CardioCall ST80 has an 85-minute programmable memory, for use in patients with more severe syncope episodes. Both offer single- or dual-channel ECG.


    • Event Mode – when the patient has a symptom, they place the electrode feet on the back of the recorder, directly onto their chest and press a button. The ECG is then recorded for a pre-programmed duration.
    • Loop Mode – the CardioCall is attached to the patient by electrodes. When the patient senses a symptom they capture the ECG by pressing the event button. The recorder then stores the episode that includes ECG data that preceded, and followed the patient pressing the event button.
    • Simple to use – one button record
    • Long battery life – a single AA will last over 6 months when used in direct contact mode and over 5 weeks when used in loop mode
    • Fully compatible with ‘Event Station’ transtelephonic receiving station – patients can transmit their recordings directly over the telephone to a receiving centre
    • Reports can be easily attached to all leading EMR systems including EMIS, System One, Vision & iSOFT, as a PDF file