• Cardiac Event Monitors 1-ch. ER920AF w/autom. fibrillation



    • Asymptomatic Event Recorder (Atrial Fibrillation, Brady Arrhythmia, Tachy Arrhythmia and Cardiac Pause)
    • Fully customizable
    • 1 or 2 channels
    • Large Single Button Operation for recording & transmission
    • Large LCD display to confirm operation/battery life/events remaining
    • 30 minute looping memory
    • 30 day battery life with Two AAA Batteries
    • Pacemaker detection
    • Lead loss detection

  • Oscar 2 Ambulatory BP Monitor (ABPM)


    PRODUCT #-

    The Oscar 2™ Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor from SunTech Medical® is the gold standard in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

    By providing valuable diagnostic information that in-clinic and home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of measuring, the Oscar 2 system delivers a patient-focused solution with unsurpassed comfort, data reliability and confidence.

    The Oscar 2 ABP Monitor is independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of the British Hypertension Society, the European Society of Hypertension International and the AAMI-SP10 standards. This system comes standard with both the patented Orbit™ ABPM cuff and interpretive software AccuWin™ Pro 4.

    The Oscar 2 24-HR Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor NOW features options to combine our patented motion-tolerant technology with the gold standard in central blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurement from AtCor Medical and a Bluetooth-connected patient diary mobile app called True24.


    • SunTech Motion Tolerance: Save time and money with fewer failed readings and less repeated studies from the company that made automated BP during emergency transport and treadmill testing possible
    • Clinical Validations: Independently tested to meet the accuracy and performance requirements of the BHS, ESH and AAMI:SP10
    • Patented Orbit ABPM Cuffs: Form-fitting sleeve design secures accurate cuff position throughout the study, insuring consistently accurate readings
    • AccuWin Pro 4 software: Efficient programming and analysis with advanced options provide powerful flexibility, so you get every data point.

    Options include:

    • SphygmoCor Inside: With over 800 published studies, including validation in exercise, AtCor’s SphygmoCor technology is simply the gold standard in central BP
    • Patented Sub-Diastolic Waveform Measurement: Delivering a fully-featured physiological waveform with accurate augmentation index in all patients 18 and over
    • Bluetooth with True24: The True24 patient diary mobile app is designed to work with the SunTech Medical Oscar 2TM Bluetooth ambulatory blood pressure monitor during a physician prescribed ABPM study.
  • Spacelabs VS20 Event recorder



    The CardioCall VS20 can be used as a “loop” recorder, using chest electrodes, or as an event unit.

    It features 20 minutes of programmable memory and runs on a single AA battery. The ECG may be sent trans-telephonically to a receiving station or downloaded directly onto your PC.

    The CardioCall ST80 has an 85-minute programmable memory, for use in patients with more severe syncope episodes. Both offer single- or dual-channel ECG.


    • Event Mode – when the patient has a symptom, they place the electrode feet on the back of the recorder, directly onto their chest and press a button. The ECG is then recorded for a pre-programmed duration.
    • Loop Mode – the CardioCall is attached to the patient by electrodes. When the patient senses a symptom they capture the ECG by pressing the event button. The recorder then stores the episode that includes ECG data that preceded, and followed the patient pressing the event button.
    • Simple to use – one button record
    • Long battery life – a single AA will last over 6 months when used in direct contact mode and over 5 weeks when used in loop mode
    • Fully compatible with ‘Event Station’ transtelephonic receiving station – patients can transmit their recordings directly over the telephone to a receiving centre
    • Reports can be easily attached to all leading EMR systems including EMIS, System One, Vision & iSOFT, as a PDF file
  • Ultralite ABP monitor by Spacelabs


    PRODUCT #PTS3028

    Fast, accurate results from Spacelabs’ ABP monitoring system enable you to fine-tune your patients’ treatment and better assess their cardiovascular risks.

    Used in conjunction with Sentinel, results can easily be shared with hospital information systems via the HL7 and DICOM interface.

    The 90217A’s accuracy has been validated by official organizations in the US, UK, France and Germany[i]. Researchers have selected Spacelabs Healthcare’s ABP monitors for more than 500 clinical studies, including the landmark DASH, SYST-Eur and AASK[ii] analyses.

    Patients especially like the monitor’s compact design, light weight, and quiet operation, so they’re more likely to comply with the technician’s instructions and advice. Physicians receive the results they need to complete test evaluations. The 90217A is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Choose from five cuff sizes ranging from child (12-20 cm) to extra-large adult (38-50 cm) for maximum accuracy and comfort.


      • Compact, lightweight design for improved compliance
      • Almost silent operation
      • Validated to BHS standards (A/A)


    • Compact, lightweight design for improved compliance
    • Almost silent operation
    • Validated to BHS standards (A/A)
    • The No1 worldwide choice for ABPM
    • Propietary oscillometric algorithm
    • Requires 3 AA batteries
    • Supplied with standard adult cuff, pouch and shoulder strap



    • Measurement method: Oscillometric
    • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 25mm (W x L x H)
    • Weight: 255g