• 3M Red Dot resting ECG electrodes, case of 4000


    PRODUCT #DM2360-4

    • Electrode Size: 1.2″ x 0.8″
    • Electrode Type: Resting
    • Gel Type: Conductive Adhesive
    • Length: 2 Linear Centimetre
    • Width: 2 Linear Centimetre
    • Material: Plastic Film
  • Cardiosens Ultra II resting tab electrodes


    PRODUCT #BU047029

    The CardioSens Ultra II Resting ECG Electrodes, single-use tab, offer high-quality conductive and adhesive performance and provide excellent trace quality.

      • Disposable
      • Latex free
      • Eliminate time-consuming prep and cleanup inherent with bulbs
      • For Use with: Burdick 8300, Burdick 8500, Burdick Atria, Eclipse 850, Eclipse Premier, EK-10, Elite II, Universal ECG, CareCenter MD


      • Weight: 1.2 lbs
      • 500 electrodes/box (Quantity 1 = 1 box)
      • Color: White with blue print
      • Attachment Method: Patient-safe adhesive
  • Quik Prep DX Electrodes


    PRODUCT #QT31581-001

    The Quik-Prep Electrode provides optimal tracings with less prep time.

    This is a high-quality electrode designed to hold up and hold on during heavy perspiration and movement. Includes Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/Ag Chloride) liquid gel, adhesive foam, and snap electrode. Compatible with Q-Stress Stress testing system and Vision Premier Holter system.