• BioCon-1100


    PRODUCT #RXBC-1100

    The 3D-Mecanical Sector Transducer captures the bladder in 12 sections and calculates the volume of the bladder based on the images. The BioCon-1100 measures bladder volume non-invasively with ultrasound.

    Display:Color Touchscreen 10.1 inch (Wide SVGA)
    Volume Range: 0-999ml
    Accuracy : ±7.5ml (0-99ml) ±7.5% (100-999ml)
    Scan Time: Approximately 2 seconds

    Ultrasound Probe:
    Dual frequency (2.8 MHz, 3.7MHz)
    B-mode scan image
    Scan angle: 120°

    Penetration depth: 23cm
    Probe: IPX5
    Patient ID input: Patient ID input
    Interface: Wi-Fi Direct Barcode Reader
    Printer : Built in Thermal Printer
    Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Voltage: 7.26V Capacity: 5200mAh
    Charging time: approximately 4 hours
    Approximately 1000 scans available
    OS: Linux

  • BioCon-900S



    Bladder scanner is a portable 3D ultrasound scanner to measure the residual urine volume noninvasively. Our CUBEscan series is the first device that applied B-mode real-time pre-scan image to the bladder scanner. It is helpful for decreasing unnecessary catheterization and reducing the risk of urinary tract infection.

    Display 2.7 inch TFT-LCD
    Bladder output range Bladder volume range : 0 – 999ml
    Accuracy : 0-99ml±10ml, 100-999ml±10%
    Scan time Less than 2 sec
    Ultrasound probe Ultrasound frequency : 2MHz, 3.4MHz (Dual)
    Scan angle : 120º
    Penetration depth : 23cm (Normal patient)
    Power Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Nominal voltage : 3.6V
    Nominal capacity : 5200mAh
    Charging : less than 6 hours
    Discharging : Approximately 1000 scans
    Charged by the docking station
    External interface USB 2.0 basic
    Patient ID input Virtual keyboard
    1D/2D barcode (optional), class I
    User interface LCD Icons and 2 buttons
    Printer Built-in thermal printer in the docking station
    (Wireless data transmission by IrDA)

  • CubeScan Phantom


    PRODUCT #RXBC4M50100112

    Compatible with Biocon-500 and Biocon-700

  • Cubescan BioCon-700 Bladder Volume Measurement System



    The Cubescan BioCon 700 is user friendly so that within a couple of seconds, using a non-invasive method, you have a real time bladder image and the bladder urine volume, measured in millilitres.


    • 7″ colour touch screen for fast patient ID input and editing
    • Operation on battery and/or adapter
    • Voice recording and playback

    • Locate the bladder prior to taking a reading with the Pre-Scan live view, for accuracy, reliability and consistency of readings
    • NEW pointing function to help locate the bladder
    • Advanced 3D probe technology eliminates the need to reposition the probe to obtain results, making it appropriate for all levels of user
    • Automatic calculation of bladder volume only – no unnecessary extra parameters
    • Large 7” comprehensive display for clarity of readings
    • Small, light and portable, carry case available for transport
    • New improved robust construction for reliable performance
    • Maximum volume captured retained throughout multiple readings
    • Intuitive touch screen operation for simplicity of use
    • Adult and child settings for use in all clinical settings – a complete solution
    • NEW scan depth indicator in child mode confirms complete bladder capture
    • Save readings for storage, PC transfer and audit
    • NEW self-diagnostic check for quality assurance